Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Little Bit Creepy ...

I was awake at 4, this morning.

Not a bad, panicky "shoot, I can't sleep" feeling, just awake.

So I got up and decided to do some work, savoring the quiet of a home rich with the slumber of people I love.

I turned on my laptop and within a few minutes, I noticed: every site I landed on seemed to have an ad for sleeping potions. "CAN'T SLEEP?" "WORRIED ABOUT INSOMNIA?" "WANT TO GET SOME REST?"

All this because I was online at 4AM.

Part of me is very aware of the brilliance of such targeted marketing.

And part of me - the biggest part - is creeped out. And somehow a little sad.

(Ok, so I see a nap in my afternoon's future.)

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