Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Fabulous New Weight Loss Plan

So ... I have about ten pounds that don't want to budge.

They, however, bulge.

And, as many of you will understand from personal experience, those are never far from the surface of my mind.

Yesterday, they popped in for a visit oh ... 72 times or so. And every time, their visit is accompanied by a firm resolution to eat less, move more bla bla bla.

As I ran into the grocery store on my home yesterday (and by run I mean walk), I called home and asked Chris and Tanissa what they would like me to bring them.

Tanissa wanted sorbet - raspberry or mango.

Chris wanted cookies and cream ice cream.


So here I am, plopped in front of a wall of ice cream, focused on finding the two requested items, when my eyes land on ... chocolate hazelnut gelato. Chocolate. Hazelnut. Gelato.

My mind does a little dance and pretty soon I am dropping all THREE types of ice cream into the cart.

Walking around the store, my mind is busy. It dialogues with itself about weight, promises, bulge, chocolate ... the whole time my eyes are caressing the gelato. This goes on for about 15 minutes.

And all of a sudden, I feel satisfied. I feel as though I have extracted the nectar from the gelato. I feel as though eating it would barely add to the pleasure.


So, to test myself, I walk back to the ice cream aisle. I pick up my lovely chocolate hazelnut gelato and I gently put it  back amongst its brothers and sisters.

Just like that.

Minutes later, I am walking out of the store, feeling as though I have lost 5 pounds.


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